Use Hashtags, They Work In Getting You Noticed

When you use a hashtag from a national brand you just might get Tweeted back to in a positive way. The power of a hashtag can get you noticed, improve your audience and help you make connections. Today I did a Instagram of my lunch and used the hashtag #velveeta and lo and behold Velveeta responded to my post. Another blogger suzie81speaks talked about How to use Twitter Hashtags in her blog today. It’s worth the read.

Rambling On Frustration

Sometimes you gotta step away from a situation that is frustrating you. Things in life get to the to the point where you just need a break from it. A nice stroll is a good way to take a breather. Whatever has you in a tizzy doesn’t have to make you crazy. My friends the best way to be your best is to put a stop to the frustrations of your life before they get the best of you.

Rambling About Mega This and That

Mega is a buzz word these days when talking about something huge. Whether it be a store or a church mega seems to be what many like these days. It’s all about making the biggest splash and the biggest impact. Computing has megabytes and now there is terabytes. Mega is the thing and if you aren’t mega then you aren’t worth much in the minds of our consumer driven world. Buy in large is the thing and if you aren’t big then you aren’t worthy. We have a Jurassic Park mentality where you have to spare no expense and always provide something to amuse people. Are we still saying bigger is better or can we change the culture there? Megaminds want to know.