When Your Good News Isn’t Good For Someone Else

Telling someone some news that they weren’t hoping to hear can be a challenge. It’s like tearing a bandaid off your skin, sometimes it just good to get it over with. Making choices and decisions in life can mean disappointing people you love, but ultimately it’s your life and you have one shot at it. Life can be full of surprises that can make you happy and sad at the same time. Receiving news you weren’t expecting can break your heart or lift you up. In the case where you love someone you are sharing something they didn’t want to hear it can be difficult but you have to trust things will be alright in the end.

When you love your family and friends you want to share the good and bad things in your life. Sometimes good things in your life will mean not very good for others so then it gets tough. One needs to remember that it’s your life and you can’t live it for anyone else. When you are married, attached, committed to someone then there is an added dimension to your situation you have to abide by the fact you are not alone and its joint decision that needs to be made. You just hope for peace and understanding through it all and perhaps reconciliation when needed.

Starbucks Cups, Video Rants, And Christians Who’ve Lost The Plot – johnpavlovitz.com

This article about Christianity speaks to me because the messaging of my faith can get crazy sometimes and it just looks like we are all mad about something. It’s not how any of it should work.

Source: Starbucks Cups, Video Rants, And Christians Who’ve Lost The Plot