TV and Twitter

Have you ever watched a TV show just to see what people are saying about it on Twitter. Sometimes the comments are better than what you see on the screen. With this multi-screen entertainment environment we have going on it makes sense to have your device running twitter while you are tuned into your favorite show. The thing about it is that it works only when the show is live and bunches of people are commenting about it at the same time. Streaming DOES NOT offer this feel of communal viewing. I am old school like this and I like to see something live and on a big screen. I like the instant feedback that Twitter provides and it does influence people to continue watching something or just leaving it behind. So enjoy TV and Twitter at the same time.

Me A Influential Blogger, Naw!

I got listed on someones Influential Blogger’s list on Twitter and that made me think am I that influential? This is just a simple blog of a fairly dorky person who rambles on about stuff happening in his life. There is really nothing awe inspiring about the posts you see here. Tony is a simple person with ideas in his head that sometimes make sense. Just saying.

Spelling Matters In Blogging, Among Other Things

Perhaps before I click publish I should check for spelling and punctuation. Getting what is in my head out on my blog can sometimes be more important than quality and correctness. I am a horrible commaphobe too, and that can be a problem as well.

Rambling on Differences of Opinion

It’s OK for friends to have a difference of opinion. No two people are alike. Opinions can bring people together or fracture friendships. I do worry about what people think…maybe its a little self esteem thing or perhaps a little fear of someone not liking me anymore. Even the best of friends can disagree. Sometimes it’s good not to overthink it and not make it an issue.

A Ramble About Doing The Right Things

Being humble and holy are two things that should work hand-in-hand with one another. No matter your faith you have a responsibility to represent it well in community and play will with others.

Christians should be known by their love among other traits. People of the “Jesus Movement” should fight for justice, peace, equality, fairness and for those in the margins. The greatest display of ones faith is to be active in your community to make it better, not worrying about minor things that in eternity won’t matter when it’s all said and done.

Believers of all faiths and even those who have chosen not to believe all have a responsibility to one another as people in a global community. We must be willing to love one another and to fear not. Maybe we need to be bolder in how we care about things that impact us all like education, racism, sexism, economic disparity and the like. The March on Selma and the non-violent protests from Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King as well as Gandhi were statements about love for humanity and reflecting the divinity of their respective faiths. Former President Jimmy Carter who has cancer is still working on building homes for Habitat For Humanity. Pope Francis opened a homeless shelter for men in the Vatican and goes into prisons to wash the feet of inmates. Bill and Melinda Gates give generously to help keep Malaria at bay in areas where its a health crisis.

When it’s all said and done we are all called to do the right things for one another. My friends may this be a call to all of us to have extravagant displays of compassion, hope, charity and most importantly love.