People Of A Certain Age, Don’t Try Too Hard To Be Hip

If you are going to try to be hip and with the times and you are of a certain age be sure you look up the stuff you are saying before you say it. There is a high level of embarrassment and humiliation if you try too hard to be cool like the youngsters are. For example the phrase “Netflix and Chill” means you are not there to watch a movie but to do something else and then chill. Look it up if you want to know more. Don’t try to relate too much or else you will find yourself in a very bad situation. Older people be sure you know what you are talking about before saying something you might regret. Today’s culture moves at light speed and many of us are driving a family sedan.

Spoilers Sweetie

It used to be you could be surprised when watching a TV show. However with the advent of social media and blogging spoilers abound. You do have options and apps that can keep from spoiling the surprise but it’s not always possible to keep away from friends talking about what they have seen but you haven’t. Spoilers are a part of our lives and we just have to try to avoid them, but being offline isn’t always an option. I guess you just have to live in a cave in order to avoid hearing or seeing something about your favorite show online. Spoilers, sweetie are the way things are online and even at the water cooler.

Hello Saturday!

It’s Saturday and for many of us it’s a couple days of earned rest. Today I hope to get a few things done including some housework. We started off the day with omelettes with biscuits and gravy. Let’s hope that gets us through the day. Weekends are awesome for a lot of reasons but this weekend has come at just the right time. Let’s hope for a better week next week. I hope all of you have a great weekend. Grace and peace.