Adam Sandler’s Thanksgiving Song from Saturday Night Live #snl

This is a classic song from Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update featuring Kevin Nealon and Adam Sandler. The Thanksgiving song is a cornucopia of cultural references that ties in with the holiday.

Do You Wonder if Your Dog is Lonely? Here’s the Answer –

If you have a dog and also a job, chances are likely that you leave your dog at home alone for up to 10 hours a day. It’s only natural to wonder if your dog gets lonely or if they would be happier with some companionship.

Source: Do You Wonder if Your Dog is Lonely? Here’s the Answer

We would like to know what our dog does when we leave. One day we are going to set up a netcam and stream it to us privately.

My Polling Place

I am trying some polling as a part of my blogging. Check out my most recent Instant Inquiry about Thanksgiving to make your voice heard, by me and some others at least. This will be a great way of making my blog more interactive as well as timely.

Instant Inquiry – Thanksgiving Edition

This unscientific poll is about your favorite foods of Thanksgiving. We all have our favorites and these are just a few to get the discussion going. If you have something else be sure to mention it in the comments.

Happy Thanksgiving Eve

Here in the United States we are preparing for our Thanksgiving Day celebrations on Thursday. People are making last trips to the grocery store for turkey, ham and ingredients for all the sides. We are making a turkey breast tonight along with some dressing for our own pre-Thanksgiving celebration. Tomorrow we will make the short trek to my aunt and uncles house for our larger family get together. This is one of my favorite times of the year. I am looking forward to sharing it with you my blogging peeps.

No matter if you are in the USA or elsewhere I hope you have great things to be thankful for. You too can share in this American tradition. Grace and peace to you all today.

The World Is A Little Crazy

Things in the world are full of chaos. I don’t believe we are looking at doomsday or anything like that but I am concerned. Every time we turn on the TV or fire up the Internet we see tales of calamity and destruction. Most of what we see is man made pollution and carnage. My friends its got to stop and it begins with each of us to make the world a better place. Have hope when things are hopeless, there’s got to be a better way forward. Have faith, grace and peace. Don’t let the bad guys win. Blog for peace.