The San Bernadino Shootings

I’m watching news of the San Bernadino mass shootings today on CNN and it has me feeling very sad and a little scared for the people there. A facility that helps people with mental challenges was attacked for a reason we don’t know yet. This is yet another mass shooting in our country. It is saddening that we have such a problem with guns and violence that seems to be the norm these days.

My friends the killings have to stop. I am not a fan of guns and I think some people own them to give them a sense of power and because of paranoia. Others have guns for sport and protection either reason leaves us living in a wild west situation. There is no excuse for the shootings today or any day. Can we give peace a real chance in our country? I sure hope so.

It Finally Stopped Raining Where I Live


It finally stopped raining here in the Chattanooga area. We have had 3 straight days of it and we haven’t seen the Sun since Friday I think. Rumor has it that it will make an appearance today. I know rain is a necessary thing but when it keeps coming it can be hard to get around. The rain can give you the blues especially if you make your living outdoors. Needless to say I am ready to dry out a bit. Excuse the language of my graphic but the sentiment is real.

Snoopy, The Writer

When you talk about great writers you have to put Snoopy into the mix. His stories of action and adventure are well chronicled on the comic strip as well as TV specials. His stories of tangling with The Red Baron in World War I are that of legend. It’s cool when you see him up on his dog house with his blue manual typewriter clicking away at some important work. I feel he would make an awesome blogger too. Snoopy has a lot to write about and perhaps we can take a page from his book.