I Love A Christmas Parade In Red Bank

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Tonight we went to the Red Bank, Tennessee Christmas Parade. Every year this nearby community puts on a great show of town pride and holiday cheer. There are a wide array of organizations who participate in the parade from the Fire and Police Department to Girl Scouts, churches, elected officials and more. Everyone comes out for this great time of festive fun.

Light Work

Today we have been doing some decorating for the holidays. However a couple of strands of lights aren’t working and that has me frustrated. There is a tool that can fix it but we have to buy that tool. We want our Christmas tree to blink so there is a bulb out there that can make it happen, we also have to find that too. Illumination can be a challenging thing like we have learned from Clark Griswold of “Christmas Vacation”. You want everything to look good, it just takes some time to get there.