I Love A Christmas Parade In Red Bank

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Tonight we went to the Red Bank, Tennessee Christmas Parade. Every year this nearby community puts on a great show of town pride and holiday cheer. There are a wide array of organizations who participate in the parade from the Fire and Police Department to Girl Scouts, churches, elected officials and more. Everyone comes out for this great time of festive fun.

Light Work

Today we have been doing some decorating for the holidays. However a couple of strands of lights aren’t working and that has me frustrated. There is a tool that can fix it but we have to buy that tool. We want our Christmas tree to blink so there is a bulb out there that can make it happen, we also have to find that too. Illumination can be a challenging thing like we have learned from Clark Griswold of “Christmas Vacation”. You want everything to look good, it just takes some time to get there.

Doctor Who – Season 9 Finale Tonight

Season 9 of Doctor Who concludes tonight and much has happened with The Doctor. Clara Oswald passed away is the big happening this season along with some great adventures. There is also this hybrid thing that has come into play. He returns to Gallifrey for the finale which is going to be a great story. It just seems the season started but Doctor Who like other British series have short seasons. Let’s see what happens tonight and leading up to the Christmas special with River Song!

It Started With Bacon, And It Was Good

This morning I got up and went to the kitchen wondering about what to do for breakfast. I looked in the refrigerator and saw we had an entire package of bacon. So I began to cook that bacon because it seemed to be a good place to start in making our morning meal. We also had some canned biscuits that I threw in the oven. The bacon grease I used to make some gravy along with some pre-browned sausage. I made my wife fried eggs and I did scrambled eggs. She brought home some cheese from a work event. When you start with bacon you can never go wrong…I hope. Of course we had coffee to wake us up a little.

There’s something about staying in on a Saturday and enjoying the bacon of one’s labor.