I am now on a Facebook break. Yep I have done them in the past but things are getting pretty heated there with various things happening in the world. My friends I do believe it’s possible to get by without it and I am going to do just that. I still have my blog, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr and I should probably reduce my time on one of those but baby steps. At some point I will step away from my blog for a sabbatical which is not a bad idea either for down the road. So as I begin my time away from Facebook I look forward to fewer distractions. At least I hope so.

Me @ Mid Life, No Crisis Here

Being yourself in your mid-forties can be an adventure. Some folks my age are having a mid-life crisis but I don’t think I am. Knowing who you are and being yourself I think can help you navigate life better. Some of us in our forties are still finding out what life is about and welcoming the changes. I think fear, like anything can drive people to do things that are not healthy or wise.

One word of advice for folks my age I have is to learn new things, do things differently every once and awhile and have fun. Get to know younger people who can help you stay current on what’s up in the here and now. Building bridges generationally can be fun. Have fun though being the age you are. Of course taking care of yourself is helpful too. Mid-life is different for everyone but I hope it comes later for you because you plan to live a long time.