Breathing Easier, Living Better

Report: Organizers of UN climate talks say final text has been agreed to after nearly 2 weeks of negotiations – @BBCBreaking

#fbf One year ago I got a desk of my own at work. I am still working from that desk as a team leader. Much has changed but I am grateful for my job and the contribution to my community I’m making.

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Amputated Dreaming

Last night I had a dream my leg from below the knee was amputated. It was a strange, unexpected dream that has me bewildered. Dreams like this aren’t always about the event but something symbolic and/or subconscious. My wife assured me its probably something I am struggling with or something like that. I didn’t have a huge supper last night and I slept well so there wasn’t anything that could have upset me overnight. Perhaps I shouldn’t read too much into it. Having both legs is a good thing and makes me appreciate those who have had to have an amputation in their lives. Here’s to sweeter dreams soon.