Back on Facebook, Yeah I Caved

I am back on Facebook as of tonight. I caved. I am ashamed a little. Really it’s hard to have a modern online life without it. Much of what I do relies upon it for work and that sort of thing. I need to be more disciplined and not get sucked into the negative stuff there. So if you are on Facebook friend me there at tonyburgess1969 .

Blogging is still my prefered platform for expression and communication with the masses. Blogger til I die!

Farewell To Fellow Bloggers

When a blogger finds blogging no longer fun and decides to depart it is a sad thing. Their posts became part of your experience online and they informed you about them and perhaps a little about you. Sometimes people don’t have time or perhaps they lose their fire for it. I hope I never lose interest in this thing called blogging. So to all the bloggers who have moved on I say farewell and may God bless you down the road.

Survivor: Cambodia, Second Chance Finale

Tonight is the finale of Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance and it has been a great season. This show has brought back former players to play in a season with lots of excitement and blindsides, as usual. Spencer seems to be in control though but anything can happen. It will be interesting to see how this shakes out tonight and who wins the $1,000,000!

Fear Not

Today lets not focus on fear but lift up hope. Fear inspires hatred and we need to love more I think. Perhaps today we should focus on the things that make our world better for everyone, maybe that will transform bad people into good people. Our world needs change and it begins with the person you see in the mirror every morning. Fear not, have faith, lets do this!