The Gift Of Jewelry

One thing I have learned over the years is that jewelry is a big thing during the holidays. If you are a man you see commercials driving home the point that if you don’t get your special someone some really expensive jewelry you should feel horrible.


I think it’s a ploy to make people spend money they really don’t have. Well that could be said for any gift. The cheapest gifts can set you back a lot of dough. However jewelry seems to glow and enchants the eye. In the end you want to make your mate feel happy. I haven’t fallen for that pressure. My wife has simple tastes which is nice. It’s the thought that counts, right.

That’s Not How This Works


You have probably seen this meme around the Internet and the spirit and message of it is very true. People understand one way of doing something and sometimes it’s not the right way of doing it. Life can be frustrating that way. Perhaps its a low tolerance for others doing something we know/think can be done in a different way. None the less its the way life is these days.