Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Host SNL Tonight!

Two legends of Saturday Night Live return to Studio 8H at 30 Rock to host along with musical guest Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. It is the Christmas episode so it will be extra special. Expect some of their friends to make an appearance or two.

Kathleen Kennedy: From Standing In Line For ‘Star Wars’ To Producing It Herself : NPR

The Lucasfilm president was handpicked by George Lucas to take over his company and the franchise. She’s aware that all her film mentors have been men; “I need to bring other women along,” she says.

Source: Kathleen Kennedy: From Standing In Line For ‘Star Wars’ To Producing It Herself : NPR

Love Actually, Modern Love @ Christmas Time

It’s not Christmas without Love Actually. We saw this movie for the first time last year. Richard Curtis wrote a great story featuring an amazing cast. There is a lot of great British talent plus Laura Linney who is honorary because she introduces America to Downton Abbey on PBS each Sunday.

Supper Tonight: Sloppy Tots

This looks like a strange concoction but its a great combination of a deconstructed Sloppy Joe on top of tater tots. We first came upon this dish on a church mission trip to Marion, Virginia where we had to eat up leftovers. We made Sloppy Joes and heated up tater tots. Our trip leader Dave had the idea to combine the two and Sloppy Tots were born.

Most folks will use a canned sauce for the Joe’s but I use a recipe I found online years ago called Ma Fosters Sloppy Joes and I use ready made tater tots that heat in the oven. They are better with a little crispness to them.

As you see we put some cheese on top to give it some extra flavor. Try it, it’s delish!