Pro Tip: WordPress

If you want your blog to be found easily be sure your profile has the right blog link posted. It’s a great way to build your audience.

The Tony Burgess Blog

Be sure to have the right blog selected in your account settings so that people will be able to find you easier when they click on your links when you comment on their posts.

Visit here to check your settings to see what blog you have as your primary blog for people to access on your dashboard.

It will reduce frustration and will increase your visits.

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What’s Up With The Weather, It’s Truly Confusing

I am confused about the weather we are having here in Tennessee. Forecasts have us with rain much of the week and early fall like temperatures. Cold temperatures have been few and far between. At times we are running the air conditioning during the day and heat at night. Maybe things will be seasonal soon and lets hope we can get some snow sometime. The weather here is messing how things are supposed to be at Christmas time. Perhaps there is something to be said about global warming.

Howdy Newbies

To those who are new to my blog I appreciate your time and interest. I post about a lot of different things here. Personal reflections to pop culture, religion, food, current events and community. You will also see my Instagram pix too! I hope you will find something you like and that my blog can inspire you in some way. Keep on blogging my friends.


When a fellow blogger reconnects with you it’s a good thing. However you wonder if you posted something that drove them away, or was it a technical issue that severed the connection you thought you once had. I worry a little about such things. No one will post something everyone agrees with all the time, but you hope to build understanding and dialogue. Thanks again to all who follow me and my blog.