I Am Horrible At Wrapping Gifts

Wrapping gifts is something I am not good at, yeah I suck at it. Tonight I wrapped my wife’s Christmas gifts and needless to say I did the best I could. Everyone has their own talents but mine is not wrapping. I did use a couple of gift bags to help my cause. You can tell which gifts are mine by how they are wrapped. Soon those gifts will be opened and all will be revealed as it is this time every year.

The Blogging Old Guy

Yep, I am a old guy, 46 to be exact. The stuff I blog on is a wide variety of topics that aren’t always youthful thinking. If you don’t mind posts about current events, pop culture, news and music from before many of you were born then its all good. Everyone is welcome here but know you might have to ask a few questions about this, that and the other thing. Age is just a number, but it still is a thing I think or is it?

Another Ramble About Perception

Perception is a very tricky thing. The appearance of a thing is not always what that thing is truly about. There could be more to the story. Everyone has to overcome perceptions about ourselves that can lead to misunderstandings or worse. Just because it looks weird doesn’t mean it always is weird.

Maybe asking questions and not jumping to conclusions can help one understand what is going on in any situation. Everything about us is judged and that is unfair but it’s a reality. You have to watch your p’s and q’s as they say so that people won’t think bad things about you or anything you might be doing. It’s a bad thing that perception and judging are close cousins if not siblings.

Happy Festivus, To The Rest Of Us

Festivus is both a parody and a secular holiday celebrated on December 23 that serves as an alternative to participating in the pressures and commercialism of the Christmas season. It has been described as “the perfect secular theme for an all-inclusive December gathering”. This was introduced to the masses in a Seinfeld episode titled “The Strike”. From Wikipedia 

Air your grievances, exhibit fetes of strength and celebrate around the Festivus pole! Happy Festivus to you all good people.