Call The Midwife Christmas Special

We are just now getting around to watching “The Call The Midwife” Christmas special. This is the greatest show of faith, hope and love on TV. I love how this is about how believers are to be in the community to help it by offering life and grace. Set in post-World War II London this show about midwives and Anglican nuns offering health care and birthing services to families in Poplar a community in the East End. This show is awesome and we need more programs like them on TV. Perhaps less violence and angst on TV would make the world a better place.

It’s Now New Years Eve In Some Parts Of The World

nyegfxIt’s hard to believe in some places it’s New Years Eve. Right now in Australia its already Thursday, December 31, 2015 which is the last day of the year. The year has gone by quickly it seems. Just think about where you have been in the last 365 days. Time does march on.