Sometimes you just gotta wonder
Sometimes you shake your head
Sometimes life can hand you a raw deal
Sometimes you are blessed beyond measure
Sometimes people make mistakes
Sometimes they get away with doing horrible things.
Sometimes life doesn’t make sense
Sometimes you need to run away screaming
Sometimes we need a break
Sometimes it’s time to pack it in
Sometimes you want a fresh start

Rambling About Religion

Religion for many has become all about sin instead of doing something different like bringing people together who have different lives and ideas. Religion can be used to promote community and change instead of tearing our world apart. I think developing relationships with one’s higher power and other people of faith can also be a good thing for the world.

I am a unapologetic believer in that faith should rooted in the reality of today and that people should have have an abundance of love, grace, peace. People should have the freedom to be who they are and secure in the knowledge that God created them to be who they are. I also think that God’s story is still being written in the here and now.

If someone tells you that your faith isn’t strong enough because it doesn’t fit into their view of what faith should be then tell them you are working out your relationship with God/Higher Power in a way that makes sense to you. Each person is to work out their relationship with fear and trembling.

The way you treat others and relate to the world informs everyone about your relationship with and understanding of your higher power…Tony Burgess

We need to know how to do this, we are all in this life together.