The Good Old TV And Situation Comedy

I am a child of the 1970’s and 80’s and I grew up on network TV. From WKRP in Cincinnati, Alice, All in The Family, Maude, The Golden Girls, Growing Pains, Night Court, Three’s Company, Maude, Good Times, One Day At A Time and the list goes on and on. Call me old fashioned I am still a fan of watching a TV show on an TV, live and in colour. And as a little kid I watched via an antenna over the air.

Netflix and Hulu as good as it is for binge watching it does not have the same communal feel. There are many moments on live TV that everyone experienced together at the same time.

Back in the day it was about water cooler conversations about what you saw the night before. I do realize TV is changing but it isn’t the same. I am still a fan of watching something as it comes from the source. It is also about anticipation of the next episode and watching it at the same time each week. Yes it used to be appointment TV and for many it still is. My local broadcaster also has a vested interest in my viewing for their revenue from commercials and the like.

This week we have watched some shows we hadn’t seen before and enjoyed them very much. In the world in which we live we need to laugh more, to not take life so seriously and relate to the world through comedic license. So turn on the tube and find something to laugh about.

Rambling About Conflict

I hate conflict. Arguing makes me highly uncomfortable. However its necessary in life. We experience conflict at work, at home, in community, everywhere. People, like me will try to avoid it whenever possible. However to restore peace and keep order we have to fight a little.

If people would just learn to work things out then we would have a better world to live in. Exploring our problems can be a painful process where people can either be brought closer together or torn apart. We have a world where there is so much violence and bloodshed that has cost us lives and relationships.

Sometimes it best to part ways however when possible let’s do the work to keep people and community together.

As the Beatles once sang “We can work it out”

Come On Get Happy, It’s OK To Do So

People would do well to not take things so seriously. We should learn to have fun and chill out. Overthinking things can be a problem too. Our prior experiences can color our view of the present. If we all just decided to be intentionally positive and happy perhaps the world would be a better place to be in. Maybe lightening up would solve some problems. Even in tough times good people come on and get happy.