A Personal Note About The Episcopal Church

For those who don’t know a lot about The Episcopal Church and how we worship its scriptural, sacred and Holy. We celebrate the Eucharist/communion during every Mass/Worship. From the music to the message everything points to Jesus. Our services help us to encounter Christ in ancient practices that has stood the test of time. I am blessed to be a part of the parish of St. Peter’s here in Chattanooga where I am finding faith, hope and love in community. It is also cool to be part of the global Anglican community. A couple of years ago I took one of those online quizzes that the Episcopal church would be a good fit for me and now that I am one it makes a lot of sense now. The Episcopal church is welcoming of everyone and encourages me to think and feel equally. I am grateful to God for leading me (and Laura) there.

For some people, the older the smartphone, the better | Times Free Press

Between splashy launches, lavish new-phone offers (get a free HDTV on activation!) and frequent software updates that slow down your old handset, it sometimes feels like the entire technology industry is pushing you to buy the latest smartphone. Yet some holdouts resist.

Source: For some people, the older the smartphone, the better | Times Free Press

A person on my team at work has a flip phone and it’s cool. My grandfather has a flip phone too. I do miss the fun of those phones and how much less space they take up. I also like the slider phone too.

Money Changes Everything

A lot of people would love to win that $1.3 billion Powerball Lottery jackpot that is out there right now. However it would change everything for the winner of that fortune. One person would be giddy and millions of others would be really bummed. Money does affect every part of one’s life. It can bring some happiness but it could bring much tragedy and sadness. More dollars don’t bring much sense. People would need some sound financial advice in order to manage that enormous amount of money. Relationships can change and they won’t always be good. People come out of the woodwork to get a piece of one’s pocketbook. Is wealth worth it?It truly is a personal decision when it comes to riches.

This is one of my favorite songs on the subject. Cyndi Lauper puts it all in perspective with this song from back in the day.

Make Best Use Of The Time You Have

Life is a challenge for so many people. Many cope with things that keep them from enjoying life to its fullest. Whether it be physical or emotional issues everyone is impaired from getting out there and making the most of it. It hurts me when people in my life for one reason or another aren’t doing things to use the time they have on this Earth. Our lives are as long as we are given time to live them so we have to do what we can to love, laugh, grow and to have others in them. So work on making the best use of the time you have from birth to the time you leave our planet for your eternal destination.