Yankees vs. Mets
Tom vs. Jerry
Road Runner vs. Coyote

Microsoft vs. Apple
Rivalries are a part of life
Competition and contests

Nation vs. Nation
Tribe vs. Tribe
War vs. Peace

Mocs vs. Bucs
City vs. City

Sometimes they are destructive

People vs. People
Individuals vs. themselves

Rivalries are a part of life

Nerds/Geeks Can Enjoy Sports Too

It’s true, I enjoy athletic competition. Sports have lots of nerd friendly stuff like math and science. It’s also a cultural event too. Many of my fellow nerds just can’t get into it and call anything athletic “sportsball” because to them it’s just a foreign thing. Granted I am not a hardcore sports fan, I don’t watch ESPN (a sports channel in America) all the time nor do I read the sports page of the local paper all the time. For me sports is about supporting community teams and I try to relate to others this way. I am not big on golf though although I do have a friend who is big into it. Sports can be a way to release aggression and it can promote physical fitness too. Fantasy sports can blend technology and sports through fantasy football and the like. So fellow sports fans, cheer for the home team wherever you are.