The Color Of A Hero

I don’t understand why it’s always a pretty white gal and guy who are in the movie to save the day? To me it seems like diversity is a strength and there are many capable actors and actresses of color who can be the super hero. It really doesn’t send a good message when its all about the brave and the beautiful. Can the brave be average looking? Is there a rule that the hero has to be a hunk or the heroine supposed to be hot? Also do the heroes have to be always slender, like they might need to eat a sandwich or something.

I really don’t mean to be judgemental like I mentioned in my previous post but this is a real world problem that spills out into the cinema and on TV. We could say it’s the writers who make this happen but just think if Harry Potter was of Asian heritage or if Katniss Everdeen were African American. Maybe there needs to be a change in how the world is looked at. Heroes come in all packages and shapes and colors. It’s kind of how we were made. Just saying.

‘X-Files’ reunites Mulder and Scully in search for a truth closer to home | Reuters

For nine years on Fox’s hit sci-fi show “The X-Files,” FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully searched for an alien truth that was seemingly hidden in the skies. But as they return to screens this week, the truth might be much closer to home.

Source: ‘X-Files’ reunites Mulder and Scully in search for a truth closer to home | Reuters

The X-Files was a staple of Sunday night TV for years. It’s return is a walk down memory lane for many and a introduction to others of some great characters. I want to believe this will be great.

Surprise, I Am A Little Judgemental…

I have come to the conclusion I am judgmental. Everyone is to some extent, me included. Perhaps it comes from me being an idealist who thinks everyone should think and be similar to me or think as I do. That sort of goes against one of the big parts of my faith. I am very grateful that my creator helped make forgiveness a reality with His Son. The one thing I can say is that I might have a little something in me that thinks that not everything that happens that isn’t right is about me. Some of you would call that narcissistic tendencies. All I can say is that I am very human and I do screw up. Something happened today that triggered that realization of me being judgmental. My wife called me on it and its something I need to work on. Maybe its time to open my heart and mind a little more, well there’s no maybe, it’s time.

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