God Loves Aliens One And All

Aliens, God, Universe, Creative Writing

I believe we are not alone in the universe. God made us and aliens. Wait we are aliens too so everyone is an alien. God loves Martians and Humans and Vulcans and Klingons all the same. Isn’t love great though. So when you think you are alone you aren’t.

Music Monday – Rush: Tom Sawyer

It is perfectly acceptable to air guitar, air drum and air keyboard when doing a Zumba routine set to a song of a band you really like. For Music Monday I present to you Canada’s own Rush performing “Tom Sawyer”

It’s Monday, That’s All I Got


My friends it’s Monday which means the weekend has come and gone. Now we are back at doing our regular stuff, whatever that means in your world. I am taking a hard-earned vacation day on Friday for a “mental health day” which I need to recharge the batteries. Let’s see how today goes and hope that it means good things for the rest of the week. Grace and peace good people.