Throwback Thursday: Earth Wind and Fire – September

In memory of Maurice White who died today. He was founder of one of the greatest groups of their era Earth, Wind and Fire. September was one of their great hits.

“Friends Day” on Facebook

Over on Facebook they are celebrating “Friends Day” as a part of their 12th birthday observance. It got me to thinking about the friends I have had in my life and how much they were a part of getting me through different parts of my life.

I don’t have a “best friend” my wife is a friend but we think you can have a spouse and then have a “best friend” who are two different people. I am not sad about not having a “bestie” just because it might be good to have a wide variety of people in ones life.

For some reason in my life friendships have been temporal. I admit there are times when I think people don’t like me very well just because I am a bit on the odd side at times. Perhaps I need to like me more so others will. That is another discussion altogether.

Life-long friendships are inspiring and cool and to have them is a gift. Of course there are friendships that are based on situations of a moment and are there for a season. Also there are friendships that have ended because of reasons.

As we who are on Facebook celebrate this “Friends Day” I consider each of you who follows me a friend because we share blogging and the desire to connect with the world at large. We indeed are strangers only once as someone once said.

Thank you for being a friend…From The Golden Girls

Rambling About Respecting Ones Elders

Call me old fashioned and there are a few things that I am old school about but I believe in respecting ones elders. There are a lot of people who have way more wisdom and life experience than I do so perhaps I can learn something from them. I revere my parents and grandparents however I can still be my own person. In scripture there is a verse that says honor thy father and mother and you do that by being the best you can be as they taught you. Granted you will never agree with them 100% but that is OK. You had different life experiences and your opinions and world view are different which is to be expected.

I do realize there are many who don’t have a positive relationship with their families but there are plenty of older folks in the community who can be a positive influence. Perhaps we can benefit from the experiences of those folks so we won’t make the same mistakes they made. I am 46 years old and I still don’t know it all. Believe me folks I wish I were more like my mom and dad in many ways but I am who I am and that the way God made me.

To some folks I am an elder but that sounds weird. I would rather not be an elder but a friend who has a few more years in me. Perhaps that is the way future older-younger relationships will work.

Wisdom of the ages and youth shall be served, or something like that.