Rambling About Shaming

There seems to be a lot of shaming in the media today or perhaps it’s the bravery and anonymity of people on social media baiting people into saying really nasty and negative things. What I find sad is when people venerate people for being in their minds the best thing since sliced bread and oxygen while tearing another person down for not being good enough in their minds.

Peyton Manning gets lauded in these parts while Cam Newton is vilified for one reason or another. Facebook can be a bastion of judgmental people (I have been one at times) but there have been some venomous comments made about famous people because they don’t fall in line with their politics or religious slant.

Now I am not without fault but there are some who are very nasty because they have been taught they have to be to elevate their position in an argument. A lot of shaming is a result of hidden prejudice and discrimination. It seems like the volume of people online is deafening and disappointing. Maybe we need to turn down the noise and have constructive dialogue.

Maybe we should all chill out. Take a time out. Say something nice for a change.

The New Hampshire Primary

It looks like Senator Bernie Sanders has won the Democratic Primary in New Hampshire.

Donald Trump Has won the Republican Primary in New Hampshire.

Tunes Tuesday – Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Relax

This is one of my favorite songs from the 1980’s. I had the cassette and played it a lot. “Relax” is featured in the Ben Stiller movie Zoolander.

Rambling About Snow

Snow is a beautiful, sometimes dangerous thing. Each flake is different and combined with other flakes can create beauty and chaos at the same time. It’s something that keeps us mesmerized but can cause us great headaches too. It can bring us together but it can also keep us apart. Water and temperature make snow what it is. People can make their livelihoods from it for different reasons. It’s recreational and its catastrophic. We need snow days to give us a break from the norm and usually its from a storm. It can change your plans and change your world for a bit. You can see it all the time in a globe. If you see it may you enjoy it. Snow is a marvelous thing.