Picking Your Battles

I have found that picking ones battles is a good rule of thumb. Sometimes it’s best to keep the peace and then there are times when you have to go to war. Conflict and me suck, I am horrible at confronting people but I have to get over that. Part of finding yourself is knowing what you are willing to go to the mat for and to interrupt the status quo. So many people argue over everything and that isn’t really good for the soul or the spirit. Be picky over what you want to fight over because not everything is worth it.

The Struggle Is Real

This week has been a real struggle. Winter weather on Monday and Tuesday seemed to make everyone a little cautious and not willing to do much. In my line of work people are your livelihood and when they won’t budge then you proceed to pull your hair out, get a headache among other things. My friends you just have to fight through stuff and do your best. Yes the reality of it all is that we all have challenges and how we face them says a little about ourselves.