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I am a big fan of fellow bloggers. Just saying!

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I am a huge fan of bloggers. You are my favorite thing online to get excited about. Your stories and lives are very interesting and fun. Thanks for allowing me to fanboy over your blogs and to connect with you in a geeky way.

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The More, The Merrier

keep-calm-and-read-my-blog-39When someone likes your posts and follows your blog it’s a great feeling. However, I am not all about getting as many followers as possible here at The Tony Burgess Blog. Quality is as important as quantity in my mind. A fellow blogger just mentioned she reached the 1000 follower mark and I am thinking do I want to do the same here. On Tumblr I had well over 1000 followers but it became difficult to manage that many. WordPress might be a different animal though.

Currently I am around 850 so I am not far off. Making connections and friendships in blogging is what I am most interested in doing, but can you do that with 1000 people. My brother-in-law has near 5000 friends on Facebook which I think is the cap on personal accounts but he is a person who naturally makes connections in his line of work. I guess time will tell if I reach that 1000 follower milestone. Perhaps I just should think that the more the merrier is a good thing. Hopefully it means people like you, or something like that.