Introducing….Category Menu!

My wife’s recipe and food blog has some new features making it easier to find specific items in different categories. Check it out soon.

The Soup Diva

To make it easier to find posts on Soup Diva, I have added tabs for various categories. Therefore, any soup recipe will be under Soups & Stews, posts about restaurant visits will be under Dining Out, etc. I hope this helps some. Feedback is welcome!

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Sounds Saturday: Everything Is Awesome From The Lego Movie

In honor of Lego day I present to you Tegan and Sara featuring The Lonely Island in the theme song to The Lego Movie “Everything Is Awesome”. Enjoy!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Hello friends, I hope you are having a great day thus far. Our weekend has begun and I know I am glad for it. Today we are having a day at home playing with Legos and tonight we are going out with some friends for dinner. This morning I made homemade waffles and ready made sausage. Of course there was coffee and I have had a couple of cups.

Whatever you are doing I hope it’s fun, inspiring and awesome. Be sure to smile too :). Love, peace and grace to you all!