The BBC is rebooting Are You Being Served – RadioTimes

Are you being rebooted? Well, in the case of classic BBC comedy Are You Being Served? the answer is most definitely yes.The BBC has announced that it’s heading back to Grace Brothers’ department store for a revival of the smash hit comedy series.

Source: The BBC is rebooting Are You Being Served

I am a fan of this classic Brit-com. This is a great workplace comedy with some great dialogue and writing. One of the great things about this show is the cast which was top notch.

Tunes Tuesday: Album Of The Year: Taylor Swift – 1989

Taylor Swift won the Album of The Year Grammy for 1989. She is a true talent and a great performer. I like the video to the song “Blank Space” because it has the feel of a movie. It’s also great writing.

Why Is It…?

Why is it that mean people are so loud and they seem to drown out the good and the nice? It is very troubling that this seems to be the case these days. People have it in them to be genuine and kind but they also seem to revert to being mean and vicious. Really how hard is it to be good? Really!?!

The Tough Stuff

In life there is tough stuff you have to do, things that are unpleasant but necessary to keep things functional and moving along. Everyone has situations they go through that test their resolve and tells the world about who they are. For me the tough stuff is a day like Tuesday. Survive and advance as they say. Lord have mercy today.