Remembering Dale Earnhardt – The Intimidator

Fifteen years ago Dale Earnhardt the legendary NASCAR race car driver died in an accident a the Daytona International Speedway. Earnhardt was one of the greatest ever in the sport. He was a multiple time Winston Cup Champion. At 49 he left the world way too soon. There will never be another of his kind.

A New Take on Fake People

The notion that people are “all fake” is not fair. Perhaps its a matter of not knowing who one is. Giving someone some grace as they try to find their identity is the best thing we can do, even if it frustrates us. I think people are trying to find their way at all stages of life. The way we react to certain situations reveals who we are and some folks are inconsistent in how they cope. I think there are a lot of people who give off the “fake” vibe but you know we are all broken people. Being genuine takes a lot of intentional work but you know its nice to help people along the way be better.

Working Hard For Your Approval

We all try to impress people whether we admit it or not. Life sometimes is about trying to make people like us or to show them we are worthy of attention. There does come a time in life when we stop trying to impress people and just try to do what is right by ones self. People want to be liked and loved ya know but at what cost? I think self esteem is an issue that everyone struggles with and we have to market ourselves to others for their approval. What do you think?