It’s OK To

To be weird
To be uncool
To be yourself

To tell dumb jokes
To make believe
To play like a kid

To do good things
To believe in the unexpected
To love fiercely

To die unto self
To have mercy
To be kind

To be smart
To be on the fringes
To be genuine

To unite your home
To face your fears
To take the long way home

It’s OK to do other things too

It’s Monday, Where did the weekend go?

Hey the weekend was just here and now it’s gone? Where did it go? Have you seen it? I guess most of us have begun a new week and there are lots of new challenges and a whole bunch of mystery ahead. Let’s see how this all works out. I can say I have a big of the Monday blues as I do most Mondays. Acceptance of it being Monday might be healthy and helpful.

My friends, make it great today, or something like that. Rock on!