I am a believer who blogs.

I am a Episcopalian who is a fan of Jesus and thinks he is way cool. I am a believer who blogs and not a “Christian blogger”. I am subtle cool about what I believe and I will not force it on anyone. I am also a liberal so my perspectives come from my experience of being persecuted by more conservative Christians in earlier versions of me. I just want some of my new followers and others to know where I am coming from.

About My Instagram Photos On My Blog

I use a service called IFTTT to add my Instagram photos to my blog. My reason for doing so is to make it easier to post a quick pic to my blog. The wildly popular photo sharing platform does some cool things to pictures and I want to bring that content to my blog. It is also another way to connect to you my blogging community. I don’t always like uploading pictures via the WordPress app and Instagram is much easier for a quick photoblog. Some folks prefer to keep them separate and that’s cool but for me I like bringing the two together. I wish Instagram would work natively without a 3rd party on WordPress.

Thanks to each of you who follow me on all my platforms. I appreciate your friendships and how you tell your stories of who you are and what you enjoy doing.