Instant Inquiry – High School Re-Do


Anyone ever think they would want to re-do high school or certain parts of your time as a teenager? Is there something you would want to change or do differently.

I would have worked harder on math because I suck at it. Then I would have tried to be more out there. I have the heart and soul of a servant and I wanted to do things to make my school better. Maybe I could have done other things too. Perhaps it was meant to be the way it was so I could be the person I am.

For me high school was about learning and succeeding though I had a learning disability. Socially I was a bit awkward but I embraced the friendships of those who were on the fringes. When you are a dork you are going to be drawn to fellow dorks. However I did gravitate to some on the “inside” who befriended me. Most of the time I was a total nerd who didn’t get invited to much. I don’t now come to think about it.

Let’s think about our experiences as they were and if we changed them would they change who we are now. That is kind of a “Back To The Future” style question.

BTW do you like the ginormous glasses and stache in my senior picture?

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Rambling About Stress

Stress is a part of adulthood and life overall. We have it home, work and even in things we love. Everyone has some level of it going on in their existence. I am trying to deal with stress in life so anything I can do to not bring it home is helpful. There are various ways to cope and to relieve stress so I am trying to implement them as a part of my life. I need a break to get away from it all. Perhaps that will come soon.

Dreading Things You Have To Do

Some things you have to do in life are tough and messy. They have to be done though. It is kind of like removing a bandage from your skin. You know its going to be painful but you just have to grip and rip. Everyday has those moments when you dread doing things you hate. Everyone has that one thing they have to do but hate to do it. So no matter what unpleasant things  you have to get done today I hope you will do it with courage and some peace.