Wisdom From Martin Luther


Christians are called upon to love their neighbors as themselves and to share the love of Christ with the world. Humility is something Jesus talked about and lived. In your work its better to do your best and show you have pride in what you do. It’s a reflection of the gifts you have been given from God. Making great shoes is a better statement of faith than to put crosses on the things you make or on your person. Martin Luther is very right that it’s better to work hard and do good than to offer lip service to a world that just doesn’t want to hear it.

Rambling About Mobile Blogging

Blogging on ones smartphone can be a great way to post on the run. A downside to it is the auto correct feature that takes words you meant to say and turns it into something else. The result of that is a post that doesn’t make sense if you don’t proofread it, which I am guilty of doing. When blogging on your phone keep your posts short and be sure you proof as you go along. I encourage mobile blogging because its a great way to capture the events of life in real time. Your phone can be your friend in blogging.

A Politics Free Weekend, Are You With Me?

I am committed to observing a weekend free of political discussion on my blog and social media. This would be start at sun down on Friday. There’s been too much of it this week and a break from it all would be nice. So no talk of elections or candidates or anything else regarding the race for The White House on Saturday or Sunday. If something serious happens then maybe a blurb, but otherwise politics is off the table. Are you with me? Let’s do this.