Wires, Wireless

Wires carry important things
Power, data, voices, the web
They send messages and email
Secrets, scandal and mystery you find upon them.
Good and bad news too.
Wires are a very interesting thing.

The future moves ahead and there are less wires
People are cutting the cord
You can get the secrets, scandal and other stuff now.
Text messages, tweets, video, photos and yes even voices.

Electrical pulses, high voltage, above your head, below your feet.
You can’t cool things down or head things up
Wires are still necessary in the day we live

Even though wireless is creeping ahead.
Poles with wires are still around.

Downton Abbey – The Finale On Sunday, March 6th

I am getting emotional thinking about tomorrow being the final episode of Downton Abbey. I love everything about this series and I am sad to see it go. The Crawley family has been a part of millions of adoring fans around the world. I will be blogging more about the finale from now until tomorrow after it is all said and done.