Music Monday – ‘N Sync: Bye Bye Bye

Tonight in Zumba we danced to this classic ‘N Sync song “Bye Bye Bye”. This legendary boy band remains a favorite of many and their tunes are modern timeless.

Land of Opportunity, Everywhere

I am an American but I must say that my country is not the only land of opportunity. We have a big bowl but there are millions of fish in that bowl too. Everyone has a dream but people can achieve their dreams and build their own countries where they come from. I know the USA has a image around the world but really we aren’t all that. We can’t seem to treat those in the fringes well. Non-natives aren’t looked at all that well by everyone.

Every land can be a land of opportunity. America does not have a monopoly on building a bright future. I am not anti-immigrant or anything like that or even racist for that matter. I think the best and brightest of places like India, Canada, UK and continents like Africa and South America need their own to stay home to make their home and native lands even better for a new generation.

Everyone has a chance to do amazing things and there are lots of places that need that chance to flourish, thrive and become their own lands of opportunity.

Did Anyone See Where The Weekend Went?

Dang, the weekend has come and gone. It didn’t even feel like we had much of one. Time flies when one is having fun.

Well my friends, the stark realization we all face is that we are now moving forward into the new week with it’s own challenges and opportunities ahead. Let’s see what we can do to make the next few days suck less.

I need some coffee. Hang in there good people.