Be an inspiration to someone you know today. Reach out to them with words of affirmation and empowerment.

The best thing I can do is to inspire others to be positive and share the light. Do something different and be the change you want to see.

Also reach out to those who need a boost.


Sometimes you think too hard
You can work too hard

Maybe you love too hard
Often you are hardly there

The bed is hard
Your heart and your head is hard

Candy can be hard
Sleeping on a hard floor

Yep life can be hard
Hard knocks can be hard

This poem was written some time ago. It is not how I feel. However the universe might feel this way.

Music Monday – Dionne Farris “I Know”

From back in 1995 this is Dionne Farris’ hit “I Know”. It’s a really catch song with a ecclectic feel to it. I remember this song was a part of my post-college music rotation.

Twitter Turns 10 Today…Go Tweet About It.

Happy 10th anniversary Twitter. You have changed the world for better and for worse. Never-the-less you are a part of the lives of many who have made a name for themselves and advanced worthy causes all at 140 characters at a time.