Post Something New Today

I you haven’t posted in awhile, make today the day you post something new. A blog is a living, breathing thing that needs updating every so often. Even if its a picture or quote or a YouTube video. It takes just a couple of minutes. Go for it!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Keep-Calm-Its-Already-WednesdayHello friends and fellow bloggers I hope your day goes well. It’s Wednesday so we are on our way to the weekend. This week seems to be going by a little slow but sometimes that is a good thing.

It’s been a sad week in more ways than one with it being Holy Week as well as the tragedy in Brussels, Belgium on Tuesday. There is a definite theme to the week and we all must come together as a human family to show that love will win, always. God I believe is with us all through all this. My friends, be on guard, have each others backs and be there for one another in the chaos.

Let’s keep going, do our best and have the best day possible. Have hope! Love, grace and peace.