Music Monday – Bruce Springsteen, We Take Care Of Our Own

In the times we live in we need to take care of one another. Community needs its people to pick up the responsibility for being there in times of trouble and strife. Bruce Springsteen says it all to well in this video. Friends I encourage us all to take care of our family, friends and neighbors. Love one another…

Why Instagram’s Big Change Is a Good Thing for Users — TIME

Change is coming to Instagram. Since inception, the massively popular photo-sharing app served up users’ friends’ images in chronological order. But Instagram will soon begin using an algorithm to predict which photos its users are mostly likely to like. Those pictures will then appear higher in their feeds. (The system doesn’t have a release date…

via Why Instagram’s Big Change Is a Good Thing for Users — TIME

For those of you who are discovering that Instagram doesn’t work like it used to today. I don’t know about the changes being made but like anything let’s see how they shake out.

Rambling About Not Giving To Candidates

Don’t give to a political candidate in 2016. There are millions of dollars being spent in this campaign and the return on investment isn’t all that good. Just think about all the money being spent in this election cycle that could be put to good use to do the most good. There are alternatives and choices that would benefit people in need. Please consider giving to a college, an orphanage, a place of worship or homeless shelter or shelter for women in crisis. The homeless could use some of that to help get back on their feet as well as a unemployed person.

Maybe the best solution for our problems can lie outside of politics and in direct help to those in need. I think the political machine is too big and perhaps our election cycle is too long and too complicated. Democracy is expensive too. Charity and philanthropy are two ways to impact many people quickly. Think about all this as America goes to the polls.