Tongue Tied

The fear of saying something is the fear of saying it wrong. You know what it is to be tongue tied and the awkwardness of making a point without being misunderstood. In your head you rehearse it and it makes sense but when it leaves your mouth you screw it all up. Words are like bullets you can’t take them back easily if at all. Communications are life and if you aren’t able to say what you mean where others can understand then its a serious problem. I struggle with this daily and sometimes it’s a matter of confidence and worry about saying something the right way without offending someone. Life can be difficult when you are trying to say what you mean to say.

Tunes Tuesday – The Motels, Only The Lonely

This is such a good song with some classic styling and great vocals by Martha Davis. “Only The Lonely” is on the soundtrack of my youth in the 1980’s.