Open Season on LGBTQ Folks

I am a supporter of LGBTQ people. They are citizens who pay taxes, contribute to community, sit in houses of worship on the Sabbath and are our neighbors.

However they are treated by some as second class citizens. It troubles me to see laws protecting their civil rights and freedom from discrimination being eroded by intolerant groups who are more interested in maintaining the status quo from long ago. What this is about is about the dignity and freedom of people to be who they are no matter what.

Women’s rights are being impacted for the negative too.

I am a man of faith who loves his neighbors as himself so I am concerned about people on the fringes. My religious freedoms have never been threatened. Anything that is new and different seems to threaten some folks and its sad they live in fear. Our political climate is a raging storm and some must take shelter.

I know some will disagree and that is fine. If you wish to cease following me that is cool. I will not debate or argue because it seems to be pointless. Thanks for your respect and time to let me express my feelings.

My Life Change Four Years Ago


Four years ago I worked my last half-day at Lifetouch/Olan Mills where I had been for eight years in the Church Directory Division. This job did a lot of great things for me including bringing us back to Chattanooga, putting a roof over our heads and food on the table among other things. I will never forget that experience. I do miss it from time to time but I am very grateful for where I am at this moment in my life at Blood Assurance.

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