A Favor From You, My Fellow Bloggers

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Rambling About Food

In the food world terms like organic, free range, farm to table, locally sourced and the like are buzz words that seem to be what many people want these days. Then there are others who struggle to put food on their tables and they have to get it where they can at a price they can afford. So many people in the world go hungry and do what they have to do to put food on their table.

This morning at church my Sunday school/small group were talking about that today after watching a video that discussed about how in many areas there are two food communities where you have people who have it and those who struggle. In many places of faith they offer a food pantry to those who are in need. Some people are limited to what they can have because of how much they make. Before you share your faith some folks need to have basic needs taken care of and food is one of them.

Food is a spiritual thing. In the Christian faith bread and wine are symbolic of the body and blood of Christ. Spiritual food does much to keep us sustained through the times of famine and struggle. Communion is about connecting with Jesus and others.

Many other faith traditions embrace food as a way to bring people together. It’s something that they use to observe their faith. For example the Seder at Passover and eating after fasting during Ramadan. Wine is also used to bring couples together during wedding ceremonies. Food is important to begin the building of community at a potluck dinner.

The key thing about food is that everyone needs it to sustain their lives. It’s also a spiritual connection to one’s higher power and to others in your faith tradition. No one should ever go hungry and the creator made not only us but the food to keep us alive, kicking and praying.

The Scenic City – Chattanooga, TN

Today we took a turn around the Bluff View Art District of Chattanooga after lunch. Tony’s Pasta shop is where we normally celebrate our anniversary but due to the fact we went to Florida on our actual anniversary those plans got put on hold. Today was overcast but not too warm so we enjoyed the afternoon hanging out in one of our places in our hometown. Within walking distance are two walking bridges, condos, the Hunter Museum Of American Art and many other cool things. Each view is wonderful and full of manmade and natural beauty that surrounds our cities downtown core.