Weekend Is Finally Here

My friends the weekend is finally here! I for one am very glad. It’s Mother’s Day weekend but more on that later. The Kentucky Derby is tomorrow too. Locally the University of Tennessee At Chattanooga is having their graduation ceremonies. A lot of stuff is being packed into this weekend. What are your plans? I hope fun is penciled in.

Teaching Threat Assessment to Dogs

Our dog thinks most things are Defcon 4 or 5. He’s a Labrador so there you go.

Lynn Thaler


I have decided my dogs need threat assessment training.  They treat everything as if it is an extreme threat to their property or family.  The dogs truly believe:

  • A child riding a bike is a DEFCON 5 event
  • A bird flying overhead is a DEFCON 5 event
  • A leaf blowing in the wind is a DEFON 5 event
  • A rabbit in the yard is a DEFCON 5 event

If only I could teach them how to assess a potential threat.  Then a rabbit might be treated as a DEFCON 1 event and we can save DEFCON 5 reactions for something really big, like a grizzly bear.

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Rambling About Talking

I don’t talk as much as I used to but that is still too much, I think. Getting a word in edgewise in some conversations can be difficult though. I am one that likes to fill the space that is void of sound. Communication is important though and requires listening too. I do need to listen more. Talking can be hard when you want try to find the opportunity to share what is on your heart. Sometimes there needs less words and more actions though.

Inspiration For Our Days Work

keep-calm-and-work-hard-1269Ones work is cut out for them daily and the challenge is to meet the mark set before you. Every day is a new opportunity to make things happen and to make the world a better place. The calling we accept means using the gifts we were blessed with to do good work. On this day let’s strive for the brass ring and hopefully in eternity we will be remembered for the day we rocked it out on the job.

To you my friends may your days work be good and productive. Work well with others and do your best.