BBC World Service to air radio segment on Chattanooga |

The BBC World Service will air a 27-minute report called “Chattanooga—the High Speed City” this weekend.

To my British friends check it out.

Reflections on a “Great America”

In watching the Red Nose Day special last night I was reminded of how life in other places is full of challenges and heartache. Even in our own country you find areas where people are struggling and just trying to get by. For the most part our country is one of great wealth and opportunity but it seems for only a few. If you have your health and a roof over your head you are doing better than most. Greed is not good and politically it seems to be a rallying cry. A great nation will be one where people of all faiths, creeds, no faith, orientation and heritage will be able to have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Anything less than that is just average.