Another Reblog Ramble

If you insist on pinging or reblogging the content of a blog you like a lot get permission from the original author before doing so. It’s annoying and intrusive not to. Its my content, NOT yours. Some posts are very personal and you don’t have open season to do what you want. If you have a relationship with the blogger that’s one thing. This is not Tumblr. Stop it.

#TBT My Bitstrip Comics. Farewell #Bitstrips

Bitstrips is going away and I am sad. It was a great way to tell my story in a humorous way. It was a popular service at one time allowing its users to share in comic format. It joins many other services on the web that are shuttering to make way for new things to capture our imagination and attention. Snapchat bought Bitstrips for $100 million. Farewell my old friend.