Hillary Clinton, Presumptive Democratic Nominee

 I am supporting Hillary Clinton for President. However I do like Bernie Sanders. Both candidates have run a ferocious race and they are great candidates. Keeping Donald Trump must be the order of the election. America cannot afford to have him as president.

(I do respect the varied opinions here. It is my goal not to start a conversation that would lead to conflict. At the end of this thing we all have to go back to being friendly.)

Happy Ramadan Mubarak To My Muslim Friends and Fellow Bloggers #ramadan

From History.com In Islam, Ramadan is a holy month of fasting, introspection and prayer.

To my followers who celebrate this Holy time I wish you grace, peace and love. May God bless us all as we find ways to come together and to love one another. I look forward to you sharing your stories during this time.

As-salāmu ʿalaykum good people!

Music Monday – Corey Hart – Sunglasses At Night

Being a prescription glasses wearer all my life wearing sunglasses most anytime is not always a good thing. My preferred style is Wayfarers from Ray Ban. This one hit wonder from 1984 has held up over time and I hear it a lot on the music station I listen to in Chattanooga.


I had no control over how and when I was born.

I had no control over how and where I was raised.

I had no control over my skin tone or race.

I have control over the person I am and will be.

I have control over the things I do and say.

I have control over my attitude and latitude.

Yet there are some things you control.

Some things you don’t.

Some things you can’t.

Keep control until you don’t have it anymore.