I’m Not An Angry Old Guy

In case you didn’t know I’m a 46 year old white male. Some people who I share this demographic are angry about the world they live in. They are dealing with a lot of change and status in the world they haven’t adapted to. I get that but getting mad isn’t the answer.

I’ve chosen to live and love and adapt. The future has promise and challenge and possibility if you have the right attitude.

What makes me mad is the inequality, racism, sexism and hate that is so prevalent today. Why do we despite and detest those different from us. Are we so angry about what others have that we fail to see the opportunities in front of us. How long will be too long to realize we need to live and love with all our hearts and soul.

I’m a old guy who is embracing the future and being open to the changing world around us. It’s all good gang.