Jo Cox, MP Of The United Kingdom Assassinated

Jo Cox, MP of The United Kingdom

Today in the UK a member of parliament was assassinated as she was going about the business of her country. Jo Cox, MP was doing what she was elected to do by her constituents and then her life was over. It reminds me of former Rep. Gabby Giffords of Arizona who was shot during a meeting with her constituents. Giffords survived and has gone through months of rehabilitation. Cox was a rising star on the national scene in the UK but more importantly she was a wife and mom and human being. It appears she was murdered by an extremist which should put everyone on guard. I mourn for her family, friends and constituents. People should love people more than politics.

Just Me and The Mayor Hanging Out At Work


Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke came to make a blood donation today. I helped arrange his visit to Blood Assurance where he gave to save three lives. It was a thrill for for m to meet him at work. This was cool if you ask me.