Wednesday, August 31, 2016

keep-calm-it-s-half-way-through-the-week-it-s-wednesday-3It’s Wednesday again and I thought it would never get here. Monday and Tuesday went by really slow from my perspective. Today I hope to be productive and successful, whatever that means. I woke up at like 4:30 or so this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep, so today should be a day of fighting fatigue. This morning one of our favorite breakfast spots was closed so that was a bummer too so we went to another which was good. I was hankering for some flapjacks but got a fancy peanut butter and jelly sandwich instead. Work will keep me out of trouble throughout the day. No matter what you are up to, have a great day. Grace and peace my friends. It’s the last day of the month too, where did August go?

And Now The News Or Not

I have discovered today I can’t watch the news much anymore. Like most American’s we are burned out on politics and all the bad stuff happening. Now I can watch CBS This Morning Saturday but that’s about it. Perhaps most of us need a break from the stuff that we have seen that is violent, destructive and not up lifting. Maybe for me at least getting home at the end of the day when I have given much to the workplace I just need a break from it all. So the news is best in small doses. Perhaps there is a saturation point that I have reached. Amazing for a info junkie like me.

Now That I’m 47, Now What

Now that I am another year older, I don’t want to be a middle aged dork who thinks he knows it all, trust me I don’t. Saying things such as “back in my day” kinda pains me because I still think I am 27 sometimes. Of course I don’t want to be some “creepy old guy” for being friendly to those younger than myself. Growing older doesn’t mean shriveling up and being boring but being able to explore life from a place of maturity and hopefully wisdom.

Dick Van Dyke is one of the greatest entertainers in America but as a senior citizen he is connected and uses technology with the best of them and he seems to navigate the social scene very well.

I want to navigate the world in a relevant way while still representing my generation and sharing my life’s experiences with those I love and like. Blogging helps me stay in the know and informs me of what the world is in the here and now.

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