A Reflection on Star Trek @ 50 And Our Current Reality #startrek50

Today is the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek. It’s 5 year mission which turned to 3 years on TV but extended into syndication and spin off shows and movies is an American icon that tells the story of adventure, science, hope, friendship and bravery. This show informs us of what is possible and how people from different races, genders and planetary homelands can survive and work together. It is about a future where people are just people and there is a spirit of inclusion. America can be that place if it truly wants to be or it can be tribal, divisive and full of hate. I think 50 years ago Gene Roddenberry got it right but we today have it wrong. Instead of building walls we should build starships and being a global community. I think America has a long way to go before we can live long and prosper.

Changes On The Job

Whenever there is sudden change on the job it can be unsettling. It happened to me this week when my team experienced a shakeup in leadership (not me because I am team leader). Decisions are made outside ones sphere of influence and there is nothing you can do about it. You get through it by breathing, doing your best and most importantly being a team player.

There is also the fact that you will have to play by someone else’s rules and having a good attitude can help you navigate the seas of changes that will most likely happen. Staff turnover can be a challenge to deal with but it can be a great opportunity to show what you can do and to impress some people up the food chain. In many cases thee was nothing you could do to change the situation. You have to be tough and calm too because the road ahead can get bumpy.

Best of luck to all who are experiencing this too. Hang in there. Rock on!

Flashback Friday – The Star Trek Original Opening Montage #startrekmovie #fbf

Well it’s more Throwback Thursday but in honor of Star Trek’s 50th anniversary here is the original opening sequence.

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Viewing the two most recent Star Trek movies is a must to prepare for the new movie “Star Trek: Beyond”. I hope to be seeing it tonight. This is the opening sequence from the original TV series.

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Star Trek Turns 50: Much More Than A 5-Year Mission : NPR


On Sept. 8, one of the most enduring franchises in TV and movie history celebrates its 50th birthday. Star Trek debuted on NBC in 1966, developed by Roddenberry, a former Los Angeles cop who wanted to make a TV series that could sneak past the rampant escapism of most programs back then.

via Star Trek Turns 50: Much More Than A 5-Year Mission : NPR

Star Trek is a national treasure. It taught us to dream and to be bold in seeking out a better future. I have been a fan for years and I salute every person who has been a part of this amazing journey. Live Long And Prosper.


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