Rambling About Ones Changing Squad

Tonight we went out for Japanese food and I noticed a group of kids from a local prep school. All of these kids were just out for a meal together and to have some fun. It got me thinking about the squad of friends we have as we go through different parts of life. Friendships come and go through different parts of our lives and along with that the people we hang out with can change. I didn’t have a “squad” really until College where I found the friendships I wanted in junior high and senior high.

As we get older our squad changes in participation, size and meaning. It seems that it gets smaller until we have a circle of friends who become a second family. When you meet your spouse/soul mate then you find yourself wanting to spend more time with one special person. I think we all enjoy friendships but our desires change and our life circumstances bring different people into our lives. Friends are not always friends forever but as some have discussed friends are temporal like life itself.

Even the famous friends above had to find their own way individually and eventually went on to do their own things in their lives. Phoebe, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Joey, Monica and Ross were tight but they didn’t last in the way we got to know them.

In thinking of that group of friends and school mates I saw tonight it made me think of the future they have ahead of them and the comradary they are establishing. This is a special time in their lives and they should treasure every minute of it. These relationships come only once in ones lives.

Throwback Thursday – Pet Shop Boys – West End Girls #TBT

This duo has one of the great sounds of Brit-pop of the 1980’s. Something about their voices and the music that paints a mental picture of a place with real people.

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