Tunes Tuesday – Miley Cyrus – The Climb

Miley Cyrus is on the latest season of “The Voice – US Version” and I haven’t been the biggest fan of hers but she is growing on me as a person who is clear about who she is. This song is inspirational too.

Something About The Moon

Leaving for work this morning I looked up and saw the Moon. You know its always there and for some reason it caught my eye and made me gaze upon it for a moment. The awesome thing about creation is all the cool things like the Moon that hangs in the blue sky of day and the dark sky of the night. At its fullest it can shine and light up our world in its own way. Perhaps the Moon is something we should think of as a constant. We just might need it to give us some much needed balance and perspective in the busy world we live in. The moon has its purpose and so do we.

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